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Elevating First Nation Talent in the World of E-Sports


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About the Program

The First Nation, Baller E-Sports Program, in partnership with Atlanta Premier, a premier US-based E-Sports Academy, is a groundbreaking initiative by Make It Happen HQ. The First Nation E Sports program is dedicated to educating and elevating First Nation people as qualified professional players and paving the way for potential careers in the rapidly growing E-Sports industry.

First Nation Atlantic Premier Make It Happen HQ partner

Who is Baller for?

The First Nation E-Sports program is designed for First Nation youth and gamers who are passionate about E-Sports and aspire to become professional players. It's for those who are eager to turn their gaming skills into a potential career and make a mark in the global E-Sports arena.


The First Nation E-Sports Program offers:

  • Local and Online Competitive Play: Opportunities to compete both locally and online.

  • Mentoring: Guidance from experienced professionals in the E-Sports industry.

  • Access to Technology and Equipment: Providing the necessary tools and environment for peak performance.

  • Skill Development: Enhancing gaming skills for professional-level competition.

  • Networking: Building connections within the E-Sports community.
  • Positive Social Inclusion: Promoting a healthy and inclusive gaming culture.

  • Mindset, Health, and Nutrition: Focusing on overall well-being for optimal performance.

  • Global Exposure: Opportunities to gain international exposure through partners.

  • Influencer Engagement: Learning from top-performing influencers in the E-Sports world.

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Are you ready to level up your E-Sports career?

Join the ranks of professional gamers.


Apply now to be a part of the Baller First Nation E-Sports Program. Register your interest and embark on your journey to E-Sports excellence.

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