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Image by Diego PH

The Heart of First Nation Entrepreneurship

At Make It Happen, our mission transcends beyond being a business; we are the embodiment of innovation and empowerment in the heart of remote communities. Born from the challenges of limited access to resources, we have transformed these hurdles into a bastion of opportunity and growth for First Nation entrepreneurship.

Central to our ethos is a suite of pioneering programs. The Full Throttle Indigenous Business Accelerator empowers entrepreneurs at every stage with digital skills and community support. The Swagga E-Commerce Program connects local artisans with global markets, while the Baller E-Sports Program opens up new avenues in the ESports industry for First Nation youth. Additionally, the Hustle + Flow Program equips business owners with essential financial management skills for sustainable success.

Our OG Co-working Location in Broome serves as a dynamic hub, fusing on-country wisdom with cutting-edge digital support. This space is more than just a workplace; it’s a collaborative ecosystem where ideas flourish and businesses grow.

Integral to our impact is the First Nation Think Tank, a collective of experts and allies focused on political and economic solutions for First Nation communities. Through strategic thinking and innovative projects, we're driving impactful change, advocating for better trade relations, and championing economic self-determination.

At Make It Happen HQ, we are more than thinkers; we are doers, committed to making a tangible difference in the world of First Nation entrepreneurship. Join us in our journey of empowerment, innovation, and community-driven success.

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