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First Nation Masterclasses

Empowering First Nation entrepreneurs with expert knowledge, skills and advice.

At Make It Happen HQ, we believe in the power of knowledge and expertise to transform entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Our First Nation Masterclass series is a testament to this belief. Partnering with value-aligned accomplice partners, we bring critical subject matter experts to our First Nation entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in their business ventures.

Designed for First Nation Entrepreneurs

Understanding the unique challenges faced by First Nation entrepreneurs, our masterclasses are tailored to address these specific needs. From building a business without seed funding to balancing entrepreneurial pursuits with family responsibilities, our masterclasses are designed by those who have walked this path and succeeded.

first nation MASTERCLASS

OUR partners

Our trusted partners collaborate with us to grow the First Nation entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kimberley and beyond. These partners, like our entrepreneurs, opt in and out of programs, masterclasses, and support services, contributing their expertise to our vision of being a bold and brave global leader in elevating First Nations Entrepreneurial talent.

Make It Happen HQ First Nation coworking space partner Deloittes
Make It Happen HQ First Nation coworking space partner RC Tech
Make It Happen HQ First Nation coworking space partner K and L Gates
The Cultural Intelligence Project
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Ready to
elevate your entrepreneurial journey?

Are you ready to elevate your entrepreneurial journey with expert knowledge and skills? Join our First Nation Masterclass series and take a bold step towards realising your business ambitions.

Join the First Nation Masterclass at Make It Happen HQ and be part of a community that's not just about business, but about empowerment, knowledge, and growth. Let's make it happen together.

Benefits of Joining

Expert Guidance:
Learn from subject matter experts in various fields.


Tailored Content: 
Masterclasses designed specifically for First Nation entrepreneurs.


Networking Opportunities:
Connect with other entrepreneurs and our partners.

Practical Skills:
Gain practical skills and insights to apply directly to your business.

Women in the Street

ready to become the master?

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