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Q&A about MIHHQ

Make It Happen HQ

Q: What is Make It Happen HQ (MIHHQ)? Make It Happen HQ First Nation Innovation Hub and Think Tank. It is a digital and physical offering that boasts a coworking location in Broome, Weste Australia. Established to propel First Nation people into entrepreneurship it was founded by First Nation female entrepreneurs who know what assistance and support is required for First Nation people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Q: Who is it Make It Happen HQ for? Make It Happen HQ is for First Nation people who wish to explore and develop their entrepreneurial instincts and capability. The co-working facility can be accessed by First Nation people purchasing membership by visiting the website: For those wanting to support First Nation people gaining access to our services they can pay a membership forward by visiting our website and following the prompts:

Q: What is pay it forward? Pay it forward allows individuals and organisations to financial contribute to supporting First Nation people gaining access to Entrepreneural capability development, programs, co-working facilities and more. Although our organisation is profit for purpose, we do have the ability to be auspice so you can receive a tax deduction for donating or paying it forward.

Q: What is the Make It Happen HQ co-working space? Nestled in the heart of Broome, The OG Co-working Location is a dedicated space for First Nation entrepreneurs located within the innovation hub. Designed and led by First Nation entrepreneurs, this innovative hub is more than just a workspace; it's a community where ideas flourish, businesses grow, and connections are made. Our co-working space offers a unique blend of on country and digital support, fostering an environment where First Nation entrepreneurship can thrive.

Q: How can I access Make It Happen HQ? Although to consistently use Make It Happen HQ for its co-working facilities you require a membership, we do take walk-in bookings or First Nation Entrepreneurs utilising the space/ facilities if they are available. As we hope that through our Pay It Forward initiative, First Nation Entrepreneurs are supported to gain access to the innovation hub, however, for individuals and organisations who can afford to do so, they are required to purchase a membership.

Q: How do I buy a membership package? Simply visit Scroll down the page to where the membership packages options are listed. There are three in total; warrior membership, tribe membership and alley membership. Warrior Membership: First Nation Entrepreneur & Business membership, pricing on website. Ally Membership: Organisations wishing to provide a culturally safe workplace for remotely based Indigenous employees, pricing on website. Click the buttons to enquire about membership. Make It Happen HQ crew will then be in contact to assist, we will also be introducing self purchasing through this portal in the new year.

Q: Can I share my coworking pass with another person? A warrior membership can only be used by one guest. If you would like to share your membership you will need to purchase a tribe membership. If you are sharing your membership, you need to be mindful of keeping track of your black card aka toggle, as you will be liable for lost or damage.

Q: Do you sell day passes? No, unfortunately due to our small location and intended First Nation service delivery we do not provide day passes. If you are an Indigenous person just wanting to check out the space and utilise available facilities your welcome to do so, as we have a pay it forward initiative that supports this. Otherwise, we do offer Warrior, Tribe and Ally memberships that can be purchased or paid forward via our website if you are interested in supporting First Nation Entrepreneurs gaining access.

Q: Can I bring clients to Make It Happen HQ? Yes, you can reserve one of our meeting booths for you and your client(s). Get in touch with us via for availability and bookings or visit the website and book your desired booth and date. We also take walk-in requests, however, priority will be given to members if there is a clash.

Q: What facilities are there within the co working location? Make It Happen HQ is supported to be a show case room that is a live demonstration as to what First Nation entrepreneurship looks like by First Nation people. * Kitchen facilities including coffee machine, dishwasher, fridge and additional amenities. * Two meeting books for hire * 4 station E Sports Gaming computers (coming soon) * Hot Desk * Printer / scanner * High Speed internet/ WIFI * Toilets and disabled access

Q: Can I print and scan documents? Yes, we have printer and scanner. If its small adhoc amounts its free, if you wish to print large sums and in colour it will have to be prepaid/ approved.

Q. What is your cancellation/refund policy? Terms and conditions can be found on the website.

Q. Can I book a meeting booth and how? Please email or visit to make a booking. Subject line: Book a meeting booth

Q: Can I book a computer and how? Please email or visit to make to make booking. Subject line: Book a meeting computer

Q: Can anyone register for a masterclass or program? Only First Nation Australia's can register for our masterclasses and programs. MIHHQ will be offering a e-learning platform where anyone can purchase our First Nation Founder courses, delivered by First Nation Entrepreneurs launching in 2024.

Q: How can my organisation become a partner? Plesae email or visit to make contact. Subject line: Become a MIHHQ partner

Q: I would like to volunteer my services to assist First Nation Entrepreneur's, how do I get involved? Please email or visit our website to make contact. Subject line: Become a MIHHQ volunteer

Q: Can I get mail delivered to Make It Happen HQ? If you require package delivery to occur, you may request to use MIHHQ delivery address as your business address if you are a member. Mail service is only available to our members. Mail is delivered to the Broome Post office and collected fortnightly.

Q: Are pets allowed at Make It Happen HQ? No, as its quite a small space we do not allow pets. You may, however, meet the Founders German Sheperd, as they are trained and familiar with the space.

Q: I’m concerned the internet won’t be fast enough, what’s the connection like there? Not to worry, we have hard wired internet installed to ensure our E Sports gaming hub and co working facilities have adequate internet speed and connectivity.

Q. What are the specific details of the LAN/WiFi network? Guest Wifi is Make It Happen HQ Guest – password to be supplied in membership welcome package. MIHHQ Staff have separate Wifi access.

Q: Is Make It Happen HQ open 24/7 and on weekends? Our hub is opened 24 hours every day, so you can work across time zones with ease. Although the premises is open, we will need a warning if you wish to access the facilities over the weekend. For security purposes the facility has an additional external lockable gate, that is locked by security over the weekend. Please email us at Subject Line: Weekend Access

Q: What happens if the power goes out? It is uncommon for the power to go out in Broome, however, on the occasion it does the door can be unlocked from the inside. MIHHQ staff will ensure the facilities are locked with a key. Security also checks the premises nightly and locks the large gate after 6pm if there is no one in the facility.

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